Art Upcykling

festival + exhibition | May 2013 | Katowice, Poland

In 2013, I had the pleasure of designing the visual identity for Art Upcycling, an exhibition and workshop event held in Katowice. The concept of ‘upcycling’ inspired my design approach, as I aimed to create a cohesive identity using recycled materials. To achieve this, I created a set of rubber stamps that could be used on all event materials, including leaflets, cards, and notes, which were printed on paper waste from a local print house.

In addition to the stamps, I incorporated an ‘upcycling’ idea into the festival’s newspaper by providing tips on alternative ways to use the paper instead of discarding it. This project was a collaborative effort, and I had the opportunity to work with a talented team of writers, editors, and photographers. Overall, my goal was to create a visually striking and environmentally conscious identity for Art Upcycling.